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Bass Guitar
Super Lesson by Kenken

The Instructional Bass Guitar App
for iPhone&iPad/Android

The app is closed for sale. Thank you for your interest.


Co-starring with LINKIN PARK, OASIS, JAY-Z, RUN DMC, and more!
RIZE, the Japanese rock band, raises a revolution in instruction videos.

"Bass Guitar Super Lesson by KenKen" is an educational music video application by bassist KenKen and English-dubbed by JESSE both from RIZE. RIZE is one of the established alternative 3 piece rock band with more than 13 years music careers, with great collaborations: Coca Cola, Sony, Red Bull, and more!

From choosing a bass to the basics of performance, the video accompanying each chapter and using "The 22nd Century" as the basis for the various parts demonstration, this app is a useful tool for people wanting to learn and practice the bass.

This app has also many tips that KenKen has found in his career and training methods on how to play the bass!

Everyone from bass beginners to advanced players will be able to get endless enjoyment from this app!

Join us and spread love of bass!!


  • 3 different angles
    3 different angles:
    full, right hand and left hand views!
  • 60min. HD videos!
    60-minutes and 16-chapters lessons
    with high quality HD videos!
  • Including a previously unreleased track
    EXCLUSIVE! Including a previously unreleased track "The 22nd Century"!
  • Slow-motion & BASS-TAB
    Slow-motion & BASS-TAB to follow the techniques!
    (Slow-motion: iOS version only.)
  • Includes The Beginner's Version
    The Beginner's Version of "The 22nd Century" that you can practice with!

English dubbed by JESEE from RIZE!!!

English dubbed by JESSE from RIZE

From the device's language list, select the language to which the settings should be applied.
According to the language selection, the content displayed on the App will be automatically switched between Japanese and English version.
If the setting is language other than Japanese, English ver. will be displayed.

60-min. and 16-Chapters HD Videos!!!

  • "The 22nd Century" Performed by KenKen
    EXCLUSIVE! Check out KenKen's demonstration!
  1. 01[How to Choose Your Bass] ... Choose a funky bass!
    The first step of bassist life!
  2. 02[Bass Parts] ... Love the bass! Learn the parts!
    You must learn it before the lesson starts!
  3. 03[Holding the Bass] ... Holding the bass and the strap is all about your own unique style!
    Polite sound? or Outlow sound? Check out the Kenken's style!
  4. 04[Tuning] ... He who masters tuning masters playing!
    Basics of tuning!
  5. 05[Amps] ... Choose your amp by the Middle!
    Find your own SOUND!
  6. 06[How to Read Music] ... The ability to read BASS-TAB is very useful! (But I can't read it!)
    The choice is yours: read the BASS-TAB or learn by ear!
  7. 07[How to Press Down on the Strings] ... Start Playing!
    First, learn how to press down the strings!
  8. 08[Slap Bass] ... Slap Bass original practice method!
    Learn the KenKen's incredible slap bass technique!
  9. 09[Finger Picking] ... Strive for Speed! Finger Picking!
    Practice makes perfect!
  10. 10[About "The 22nd Century"] ... Let's start practicing "The 22nd Century"!
  11. 11[Practice Lesson: Part A] ... "The 22nd Century" Part A Practice Lesson!
    Most important thing is making groove by glissando!
  12. 12[Practice Lesson: Part B] ... "The 22nd Century" Part B Practice Lesson!
    Everyone loves slap bass!
  13. 13[Practice Lesson: Part C] ... "The 22nd Century" Part C Practice Lesson!
    The hardest and the most challenging phrase. Part of 16 beats!
  14. 14[Summary] ... Review!
    KenKen gives you a message!
  15. 15[Playing "The 22nd Century" through] ... Easy ver.
    Video: "The 22nd Century" bass guitar part "easy version"
  16. FINAL[Playing "The 22nd Century" through] ... Serious ver.
    Video: The 22nd Century" bass guitar part "serious version"
  1. A[Phrase Collection] ... Master KenKen's bass phrases!
    Learn from KenKen, then use your creativity!
  2. B[Technique] ... Try to copy KenKen's transcendent techniques!
  3. C[Message] ... Message from KenKen
    Message from KenKen & Jesse!
[-1 TRACK]
  • "The 22nd Century" -1 TRACK
    Play along to the bass-less track!
    33 stunning photos such as LIVE scenes, backstage and behind the scenes, private pictures, and the like!

(The app is closed for sale. Thank you for your interest.)

iOS Version: $6.99
Android Version: Special Price $2.40 (Tax-In)
Compatible Devices
iOS: OS Version 6 or later / iPhone: 5S or later / iPad: Air or later
Android: OS Version 4.x or later, RAM 2GB or higher, Display resolution 1280 or higher
  • The video files range from approximately 9MB to 170MB per lesson.
    Please check enough space on your cellphone to store the file before downloading.
  • You need to download the files in connected environment.
    When using a mobile data connection, telephone carrier charges shall apply.
    Please use according to your packet flat-rate plan or in a Wi-Fi environment.
  • Please close other open apps before use because this app requires much memory.
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